About Us

The S.P.C.A has been operating in the North County Dublin area since 1928 when it was an area scattered with hamlets, quiet villages and a few small towns.  In the 1950s and 1960s, there was an inspector with a van servicing the area. Over the years the boom in the population has brought with it, a boom in the animal population and a much-increased number of animal rescues. We no longer have funds to employ an inspector but are fortunate to have dedicated voluntary workers

Our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome stray and injured animals, catch and spay wild cats and return them to their habitat.  Once we return the wildcat, we provide food for them where necessary.

While most of our work is with small animals, we provide hay for neglected horses, when necessary and will follow up reports of cruelty to any animal or bird.  We do not have an actual rescue centre but rely on fosterers to care for our animals while we seek to rehome them.

We work closely with local Veterinary practices in the area to ensure that the necessary support is there for the animals.

If you notice a distressed or abandoned animal in your vicinity please contact us as soon as possible. One of our volunteers will respond to your call to assist the animal.  We also like to be informed if there are colonies of wild cats in your vicinity.

Our volunteers are all dedicated people who receive no remuneration. Their only reward is the love of the animals and their welfare is always our priority.

We are a member of the Register of Sellers and Suppliers of Pet Animals as required by the Government Statutory Instruments S.I. No. 681 of 2019. If you require our registration number please contact the Society directly.


It is our policy NEVER to put animals to sleep unless necessary for injury/illness etc

Please be aware that we do not re-home owned cats/dogs or other animals.  As a small charity, our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home stray animals only

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