This is Brook. We got a call a few weeks ago that her and her kitten were being attacked by 2 Husky dogs in a family's garden, Brook ran away over a 6ft wall but left her kitten (approx 8weeks old) who unfortunately sustained a broken limb which had to be amputated, she has since been rehomed with the vet. We managed to trap Brook later that day and got her spayed and have been fostering her since, however she was very depressed, missed her kitten, calling for her so we got 2 male kittens from another fosterer (litter of 7) and this has made the world of difference. The boys are now 13 weeks old and are more than ready for adoption. Brook has come a long way since that ordeal and is a very affectionate quiet cat, she is till a bit nervous but allowing pets to her head and neck and purrs when petted. She needs a home where she can be given the time and space to trust humans again where she will make a wonderful addition to any home.