Rush kittens and Brook

Brook and her two foster kittens need a home. We received a phone call a few weeks ago, two husky dogs ran at Brook and her kitten in a garden. Brook ran away and her kitten was badly injured and had a leg amputated. She has now been adopted by the vet who cared for her. Brook was, not surprisingly, very traumatised and she came back crying and looking for her kitten. She is now in foster under our care and has been neutered. We placed two kittens with her from a litter of 7 and this has made a huge difference. She loves to mother them and is coming around and letting people pet her. The kittens are male and totally friendly. We want them to be homed together which will continue giving confidence to Brook and teach her to trust people.
Does anyone wish to offer this commitment to a wonderful feline family? It will be so rewarding for humans and cats alike.