Willow and Donnie

READY FOR ADOPTION - Mother and Daughter
Willow (main picture) is about 2 years old, she is very calm and friendly.. She is open to petting but does not hang around too much to get a really good stint of petting. You can pet her for about 30 seconds and then she moves on. So don't expect her to stay on your lap for too long. But that honestly may change as she has only recently been spayed and, before that, she has been just focusing on getting out and making more babies. No vaccines given as yet, just spayed.
Donnie, the small cat, (right hand corner) is about 7 months old. She is very confident in herself and just takes a small stint to get used to you. Loves to be rubbed down. She is just full of energy, and loves to play. Seems to eat absolutely anything.No vaccines given as yet, just spayed.
Please email Vincent at vin_kie@yahoo.ie if interested in adopting Willow and Donnie.